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To design your own tie,

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Tie Options

So perhaps you have finalised your tie design and are about to proceed to an order.  Or you may still be considering a number of sketches.

Either way, with a custom tie there are quite a few more choices available and we outline them here.  We will be happy to go through them in more detail.

The most popular choices are outlined


There are three main fabric choices available and we outline them below.


The best value fabric, the majority of the ties we produce are in polyester.  This is a high quality product and its finish and quality are nowadays comparable to silk.

Image of woven club tie in polyester

Silk/Polyester Mix

With silk/poly (woven only) the silk is on the face of the tie with the polyester threads underneath. So the fabric you 'see' is almost all silk and virtually indistinguishable from 100% silk.

Image of woven club tie in mixed silk/polyester fabric

100% Silk

The ultimate in luxury, 100% silk fabric feels extra special with a price roughly double that of polyester.

Image of woven club tie in silk

The finish refers to the texture of the fabric.  These are the main choices (woven ties only) and are included in the pricing given to you.  Other finish options and combinations are available on request with some of those attracting an additional charge.


Satin is a smooth finish and is recommended to help colours stand out.

Close up polyester satin tie fabric


Reppe is the hardest wearing weave and suitable for most designs.  School ties are typically made in a reppe finish.

Close up polyester reppe tie fabric


This is a V shaped weaving pattern, like a zig zag.  It can add extra interest to your tie and make stripes stand out.

Close up of polyester herringbone tie finish


This can be horizontal or vertical and gives a subtle texture to the fabric. Dye printed ties will come in a twill finish.

Close up of polyester twill tie finish
Blade width

This is the width of the tie at the bottom.  Images are an approximate representation of the different widths.  There is no difference in price for different blade widths.

9.5 cm (3.75 inch)

One of our two most popular tie widths, we produce many ties in this width for all our clients.

Woven tie 9.5cm wide

9 cm (3.5 inch)

Our other popular size, particularly with sports teams.

Woven tie 9cm wide

8 cm (3.25 inch)

Less common than the previous two, we occasionally make ties in this size.

Woven tie 8cm wide

10 cm (4 inch)

A wider tie width, less common these days.

Woven tie 10cm wide

Other options include 7.5cm (3 inch), 7cm and 6.5 cm (2.5 inch) skinny ties.

Tie length

147 cm (58 inch)

Our most popular length, if not specified woven ties will be produced in this length.

145 cm (57 inch)

Another popular size, our dye printed ties come in this length.

142 cm (56 inch)

Less common nowadays, we occasionally make ties in this length.

Other lengths

... are available including lengths for child ties.


Two choices are available and there is an additional charge for clip on and velcro fixings.


The vast majority of our ties are supplied as standard with no fastenings.

Clip on

Your tie is converted to a clip-on safety tie with a metal spring clip allowing it to be worn easily and securely.


Common used for children's ties, a matching velcro neck back allows the tie to be worn easily and safely.

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