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Dye printed scarves for companies and clubs


Dye-Printed Scarves

We have a bit more detail on this page about dye-printed scarves and the options available.

We will be happy to go through the options in more detail with you. Minimum quantity is 50.

The most popular choices are outlined


With dye-printing, we start with white/neutral fabric and all the colours of your custom design including the base colour are dyed into the fabric.  In this way you can have whatever design you want.


There are two fabric choices available and we outline them below.


The best value fabric, the majority of our scarves are in polyester.  This is a high quality product with a finish and quality comparable to silk.

Polyester dye printed scarf image

100% Silk

The ultimate in luxury, 100% silk fabric feels extra special with a price roughly 50% more than polyester.

Silk dye printed scarf image

You may already have an idea on your scarf design but if not we can assist.  With a dye-printed scarf almost anything is possible but note that if your design has more than 4 colours (including the background) there will be an extra charge per additional colour.

End logo with stripes

Coloured stripes with your logo at the ends of the scarf.

Dye printed scarf with end logo and stripes

All-over with stripes

Design with your logos all over the scarf with stripes.

Dye printed scarf with all over design and stripes

All-over design

Logo repeated all-over the scarf.

Dye printed scarf with repeated all-over logos


With dye-printing you are free to print the design you choose.

Dye printed scarf with multicoloured complex design

The finish refers to the texture of the fabric.  There is no difference in price or lead time for the different finish options, it is just down to personal preference.  We try to show the difference as much as possible here but samples of previous production are available on request.


Flatter fabric with no texture in the weave.  Lighter weight than twill and drapes more easily.  Most popular.

Polyester plain dye printed scarf


Heaviest weight with a texture in the fabric.  Also very popular.

Polyester twill dye printed scarf


The finest texture, similar to chiffon, partly transparent and very light.

Polyester voile dye printed scarf


Thicker than voile, has a texture, as the name implies.

Polyester crepe dye printed scarf
Size and Shape

You can have almost any size of scarf you like with many popular sizes.  The more material used the more expensive the scarf.

137 cm x 23 cm (Oblong)

Our most popular scarf size, this is an oblong scarf that can be comfortably worn.

Oblong 137 x 23 scarf

80 cm x 80 cm

Our other popular, headsquare size, this is more expensive than 137x23.

80 x 80 cm scarf

137 cm x 15cm (Tubular)

A scarf with or without a slash end, double-thickness.

137 x 15 cm scarf

160 cm x 40 cm (Oblong)

Another popular size.

160 x 40 cm scarf

Other sizes include 150x30cm, 188x53cm, 180x70cm, 20x20cm, 30x30cm, 38x38cm and many more.

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