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It is more important than ever that companies create a strong presence with an image which stands out.

We understand the importance of your image and work with leading companies to provide effective company ties, scarves and other products which are modern in style while retaining traditional concepts of quality and durability.

Companies keep coming back to us to update and develop new styles which are pleasing to wear and maintain a quality image.

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Frequently asked questions

What are your min/max order quantities?

We have among the lowest minimum order quantities -

Ties - 20 printed, 36 woven, 36 bows (less if part of a tie order)

Scarves - 20 over-printed, 50 dye-printed

Badges - 10 hand embroidered, 50 woven

How long does it take?
Design ideas - by return or as soon as we can.

Initial sample - 1-2 weeks

Delivery of product - 3-5 weeks depending if printed or woven and the quantities involved.

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