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We are school tie specialists, supplying school ties and other accessories to all types of schools across the country.

It is well known that school ties have a tough time.  Worn day in, day out, at lunchtime and break, they are put through their paces.

For this reason we normally supply hard-wearing woven polyester ties but we are able to offer higher qualities too including silk faced polyester and 100% silk.

We cover all age ranges from primary to Sixth Form and ties can be fitted with clip-on fastenings, elastic and velcro as required.  Ties can be made to a length and width appropriate for the age range.


Ties for primary school pupils may be zero rated for VAT.

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Ties with just stripes are the most economical price-wise and there is a wide variety of stripes of different colours.


One option is to use a basic school stripe formation but alter one of the stripe colours to indicate different Houses or Years.


If a motif is required an option is to use one design but vary the colours.  We can batch them all up as a single order and so charge at the lower cost, higher quantity price.

Multi-coloured, all over designs will cost more than a design with a motif appearing once or twice on the tie.

If you have an existing motif, email it over and we can come up with costings and design ideas at no obligation.

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