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Bow Ties

A custom designed bow tie adds style to any outfit and we can produce custom woven bow ties to your design.

They can be part of a tie order, using the same fabric, or just ordered separately on their own.  If part of a tie order it is possible to have smaller quantities, contact us to discuss further.

The first step is to get the perfect design and with our free design we can show you the options and make refinements until you are happy.

custom bow tie
self tie bow tie
self-tie bow ties

Self-tie bows are timelessly classic and can be produced in your custom design.

Our standard self-tie bows come with an adjustable size tape and so will easily adjust to all neck sizes.

Any design is possible and with our experience we can guide you through the technicalities of translating your design onto fabric.

Min quantity is 36, less if part of a tie order.

ready-tied bow ties

Ready-tied bows are our most popular bows.

Stylish and practical, they are supplied with an either an adjustable tape or elasticated fastening and so will fit all neck sizes.

They can be supplied on their own or as part of a larger tie order.

Min quantity is 36, less if part of a tie order.

custom ready tied bow tie
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