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Tie Designs

You may already have a tie design and layout ready to be translated onto fabric.

If not and you need a bit more inspiration then some recent example designs are below.  Most everything can be customised to your design including colours, stripes, finish, stripe thickness, the list is endless!

Click on any tie to bring up a bigger sized image.

Single motif with/without stripes

Our most popular woven tie design is where your motif is in one position (either underknot or at the tip) with or without stripes in complimentary colour.

All-over designs

With all-over designs your motif repeats across the tie diagonally - this can also include stripes and lettering.  You can have a base motif that is different to the other repeats (see bottom right example in this section).  All-over designs can either be random all-over or if you want the motifs to line up in the centre of the tie, this must be specified and is called a 'centre-line' motif.  All-over designs are typically a little more expensive than single motif designs.

Stripes only

If you are not looking to include a motif you can have custom striped woven ties to your exact requirements and these are cheaper as there is no motif setup to include in the price.

Shadow designs

Shadow designs are where your motif or lettering is included in a subtle background colour (it is sometimes called embossed).  It can add some extra interest to the design while still keeping a subtle, sophisticated look.

Dye printed designs

This is a different process to woven ties where your design is dyed into plain fabric.  This fabric is then made up into ties.  It is particularly suited to bright, colourful designs that cannot be achieved with weaving.

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