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Golf Club Ties

We have been supplying ties to golf clubs across the country and abroad for over 25 years.

With our low minimum quantities and friendly staff we can produce a club tie that truly reflects your club's identity.

The first step for producing a club tie is to get the perfect design and with our free design we can show the options and make refinements until you are happy.

We will then guide you each step of the way, from choosing the fabric and tie options to making sure you receive your club ties on time.

club ties image 1
Woven striped golf tie with tip motif
Woven golf tie with underknot motif
woven club ties

We usually produce woven tiesThe vast majority of our club ties are producted as woven ties. With a woven tie your design is woven into the fabric of the tie. It is very high quality and flexible and suits almost all designs.

  1. We supply sketches until you are completely happy and this is the basis for the setup jacquard for your club tie.

  2. The background, any stripes and motif are all woven at the same time giving a hardwearing fabric.

With our experience we can guide you through the technicalities of translating your design onto fabric.

Min quantity is 36.

dye-printed ties

An alternative process for producing a club tie is dye-printing.  It is ideal for brightly coloured designs, including randomly placed motifs.

Our dye-printed ties are both screen printed and digitally printed and we will advise on which is most suitable.

  1. We start with white fabric (polyester or silk). All the colours of your club tie design including the base colour are dyed into the fabric.

  2. The fabric is cut out into the tie pieces and sewn into ties.

  3. The ties are finished and sent out.

The result is very high quality and hard wearing.

Min quantity is 50.

club ties screen printing
Custom striped golf club tie with tip motif and shadow logos
Custom striped golf club tie with tip motif
over-printed ties

Over-printing is where your logo is printed directly onto made up ties and the design can be up to 4 colours.  Polyester fabric only.

This is particulary suited to small club tie orders or where the design is simple or of 1-2 colour designs.  The steps involved are -

  1. You first choose the base tie which can be a plain colour from our range of stock ties or (30 min) non-stock or striped ties.  Clip-on is available.

  2. Your club design is screen/over-printed onto the tie; if there are more colours each is printed separately.

  3. Once dry the tie is finished, checked and sent out.

Min quantity is 20.

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