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conditions of sale

Please see below our full terms and conditions of sale -

  1. This contract contains the entire bargain between us. In the case of any inconsistency between this contract and any form of contract sent by you to us (whatever their respective dates) the terms and conditions of this contract shall prevail.

  2. In the event of war, threat of war, force-majeure, fire, strikes, lock-outs, short time, power cuts, failure by our suppliers to deliver raw materials or circumstances of whatever nature beyond our control whether of the same nature or not, preventing the goods being delivered to time, the delivery date (or dates) shall be extended for a reasonable time, but if this period exceeds six months either party may cancel the undelivered portion of this contract by written notice.

  3. Production of goods is based on the specification attached and it is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that the details are correct. No claim will be accepted for goods incorrectly produced due to errors in the specification attached which have not been notified before production has commenced.

  4. No liability can be accepted for any goods after they have been subjected to any process.  Claims for shortage faults or damages are precluded unless made within 7 days from receipt of the goods or in the case of non-delivery within 28 days of despatch. No allowances deductions or returns are allowed unless the goods have been seen by us or our representative or agent or a reasonable opportunity afforded for inspection. In no circumstance shall we be made responsible for loss of sale or loss of profit.

  5. The ownership of the goods shall only pass to the purchaser upon payment to the vendor of the price in full.

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