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We can supply two basic types of badge - woven and hand embroidered.

Woven badges

With a woven badge, the badge is produced as woven fabric which is then cut and finished to the standard needed.  They can be edged or heat sealed as appropriate for your use.

All we need to provide a quotation is the size of the finished badge, the number of colours required and the quantity.

If you require sketches then we will be happy to provide these or further information at no obligation.  Just get in touch.

Minimum is 50 woven badges.

hand embroidered badge example
woven badge examples
hand embroidered

This type of badge is still as popular as ever and can include gold and silver wire and silk threads.

Your design is embroidered by hand and intricate details is possible.  They are commonly used as blazer badges.

Min quantity 10.

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